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The story of the Mekong delta

Before the story of a summer journey down the Mekong delta, I want to tell you the dreams which our youth often calls the “run-aways”. It happens when you are distressed by urban pollution, urban crowd and unnameable troubles from tedious daily works. You want to travel. You crave for journeys, short or long. You […]

Welcome to Vietnam – Offical Video Clip

We make this video clip by all our love with Vietnam, our homeland. We do hope that the love we shared will spread in the domestic and global communities. An additional Vietnam-lover means one more person will act positively toward Vietnam. The video clip was made by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. Producer: Digisun […]

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Secret Saigon – Ho Chi Minh Insider Tips

You’d think that years of being splashed across Western cinema screens in various stages of destruction, Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as it’s still known informally, would be a familiar twist in the road on a well-worn track for people on flights to Ho Chi Minh. It’s true that 70% of all visitors to […]

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7 Interesting Facts About Ho Chi Minh City

Those flying to Ho Chi Minh usually think Vietnam is largely an enigmatic place. Mostly known to outsiders from pho, conical hats, and war movies, the South East Asian country never gets its full due, and even those familiar with it cite manic motorbike riders and monsoon rains as its main characteristics. Those are there, […]


Are You Visiting Vietnam For The First Time?

What a pity, you have been missing out on a lot in this part of your life! No worries here are some points to know in advance when you are visiting one of the most beautiful country in Southeast Asia. Past The first thing when you think of Vietnam is probably the American War. Vietnamese […]